8 comments on “Fears ~ What Are Yours?

  1. My only fear today is that at the last minute I will lose my faith and NOT step out of the boat! My plan at this minute IS to step out… just please pray that I DO! That’s all I ask… just pray that I do! Once out there, God has TOTAL control — but He’s giving me the choice. Step or back out. Pray that I step! Thank you!

  2. FEARS!! I should not have any but being human i know that i do!! i know that the fears that i have God will help me with them because i just give them to him!! it is hard sometimes when i let my human self worry about them. That is exactly what i should NOT do!! Thanks for this post, Beckie. Sandy

  3. I confessing that I do have one major fear I don’t seem to be able to overcome…driving. Last time I drove, three years ago, I was almost involved in a terrible accident and I just can’t seem to get past it.I’m really not normally afraid of very much. But this is one that will probably require some serious therapy if it ever reaches a point I can’t get by without driving.

  4. Great post sweetie! I’m certainly glad you didn’t tell me that you have a fear of falling. I think I have the Humpty Dumpty syndrome of “never being put back together again!” Love ya muchly!

  5. You are right, Beckie…If we trust in Him, there should not be fear. I do admit though that I am still afraid of certain things…but with His power I am getting better and letting go of some of the fears.Thanks for sharing, Beckie.

  6. Thank you for sharing this. I know that what happens God is in the midst, the only fears I guess I really have is losing my husband while my kids are little, stuff like that.But I have strength in Him.Blessings.

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