7 comments on “No Title!

  1. LOOK at that beautiful baby! My gosh! She gets more beautiful each time I see her! You and Daisy are both SO blessed!And congrats on that Ford pic! How COOL is that!!!

  2. Her eyes are something else! I love your pics and think they are quite appealing…the car one is absolutely wonderful. I wish I had this type of eye. Glad to see you on here.:-) Susan

  3. Wow.. Beckie , you are talented with all of your cool pictures.Your grand daughter is so cute and has beautiful eyes…The Ford pic is great…..My husband has had many Ford trucks.Have a blessed week-end. Baba

  4. I miss seeing you blog!! I am so happy to see you back…I miss you when you aren’t around…I was going to write to you and ask you where have you been. I love your pictures!! You are so talented!! SAndy

  5. WOW! Awesome photos—you are gifted. I will have to look you up on flickr–I only have about 4 pics on there….not really know what I am doing, but enjoy it. I don’t take as many of anything other than “grandchildren” any more….they grow so fast and I want to capture every second!Be blessed!

  6. I’m not at all surprised you’re being contacted by people wanting permission to use your photos. You really are very good. The photo of the baby is amazing! Beautiful, beautiful photo.

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