10 comments on “I’m BAAAAACK!!!!!

  1. hey, that’s a great picture. i’m green with envy. i’ve always been interested in photography but never really had the time to indulge in it.

  2. You’ve been missed!!Glad to know that Colleen is home safe. So much for the empty nest! lolYou did NOT take that rose picture. Beckie!!! It is amazing!~ What a beautiful card that would make! Are you going to sell it?

  3. Beckie – I am glad that you are back blogging. I did miss you, girl!Wow – so Colleen is back home. I am glad that you drove with her back.I love your eye for beauty. This photo could be a cover of a post-card :)I think that flowers are my favorite subject too :)Welcome back, my dear friend.

  4. i love the picture. i love taking pictures too – mostly of my kids though.cool site – i like the thankful posts – it is soooo good to remind ourselves what good we have in our lives and to praise our good God! thanks,blessings,claire

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