10 comments on “Thankful Thursday ~ New Venture

  1. Thanks for sharing. I agree with you. I have two blogs as well, one for “fun” stuff and the other the journal my christian journey. Will go and check out your new blog.

  2. I totally get what you are saying about stuff. That’s why I changed my blog after taking a break. Too much of me and not enough of Him. Something I struggle with on a daily basis.

  3. You always have wonderful things to share about our Lord. I am sure that your new adventure will be a blessing to many. I will check out your new blog this weekend.Thank you for sharing your thankfulness with us this week.Be blessed today and always.

  4. Hi Beckie,….You always give me a refreshing outlook on God in my life.Thanks for sharing with me.I need your help?? I can’t add blogrolls in my side bar..How is this done? Thanks , Baba

  5. Well, I was just poppin’ in to wish you a MOST happy – but sadly, belated Birthday!!! Looks like our Ms. Daisy did ya up right! I wanna hear all about it! ;)HAPPY HAPPY!!! Go ahead and have a Happy day TODAY too!

  6. HAPPY BIRHTDAY BUT A LITTLE BIT BELATED!! I bet you had a great day!! I know what you got because I was with Kathy when she got your presents!! Hope you liked them…I should have sent something back to you…sorry just these wishes is all I have for you..You are still young..wait till you get my age..smile…Sandy

  7. This new look is lovely, Beckie. I totally understand what you’re saying. And regarding the previous post, I totally understand that, too. The fact that we love our children doesn’t mean that we want them to live with us forever. I hope this works out and you finally get to enjoy your empty nest. I’m finally at a point in my life where I have lots of quiet days all to myself and as selfish as it sounds, I feel like I earned them and I cherish them. So believe me, I understand.

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