8 comments on “A Call to Prayer

  1. Thank you, Beckie for sharing. I heard about what had happened on my way home last night. I prayed right there in my car…God will use it for His good…Maybe they will allow the Ten Commandments back in public places–or prayer in school…Much love from AZ to Virginia.

  2. I’ve been praying a lot since the moment I learned of it. I’ve prayed for the victims and their families and loved ones and I’ve said more than one prayer for the poor public servants who had to call those loved ones. I can’t imagine having to make those phone calls.But my very first prayer was offered up for the poor lost soul of the young man who caused all this sorrow.

  3. Beckie, thank you for sharing this picture. I had not seen it before now.If you have a moment, may I ask please if you can drop by to read my blog post regarding the event? I’m hoping we can link together a virtual prayer circle regarding the victims & injured. Thank you.Hugs & Prayers,Bonnie

  4. That’s a tragedy indeed. And yes, our God is so GREAT that He alone can find something to glorify Himself and bring others to know Him through this horrific incident.

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