22 comments on “Please Pray

  1. Ohhhhhh Beckie… I’m sorry. Try not to worry — sounds like you HAVE given it to the Lord. He WILL take care of it! I will certainly add Colleen to my prayer list! They really DO have to go off and learn some of life’s lessons on their own… hard as it is for US sometimes! ((((Hugs to you))))

  2. Beckie, I am so sorry to hear that your daughter is moving away. Did this just come suddendly? I will lift her up in prayers that God will guide her every step. Even though she might not believe (yet), I know that He has His hand on her.Blessings to you and yours.(((hugs)))

  3. Beckie, I am so sorry about this. I suppose though that you knew sooner or later and it looks like sooner than you thought this might be happening. I will certainly be praying for her. I know it is easier to say than to do but you will just have to put her in God’s hands. As hard as that is going to be….SandyKeep us informed…

  4. I’ve added her to my prayer list…The older I get, the younger 20 really seems…but at that age, NO ONE could convince me that I wasn’t ready for the “big world”. Praying that all goes well and that God places people and situations in her path that lead her directly to Him.:-) Susan

  5. Dear Beckie,All the years , we give our kids tender,loving care; it is hard to turn them loose…May Colleen find her way in life and give you peace in your heart.God’s blessings to you and your family. Baba

  6. I’m sorry Beckie. I know the pain of watching your children make poor choices. Our eldest son Jeremy has just moved in with his girlfriend. He invited us to a “house-warming” party which we had no choice but to decline. Also we had to tell him that his younger siblings are not allowed to visit while they choose to live in sin. That was one of the hardest things I ever had to do.

  7. My husband and I went through this. Our daughter moved (thank God) in with my oldest sibling. It took 2 years for her to turn her heart towards God. She now lives independently, but we are closer than we’ve ever been. Prayers will be lifted up on everyones’ account.

  8. I feel your heart. I have seventeen year old who is not living with us. It is hard and each day I have to remember that God loves him so much more than i ever could. When I can not see him–God knows just where he is. I am counting on God to keep him and bring him where he needs to be to hear the voice of the Lord. May you know that God is holding your heart as you are praying for hers.

  9. I will be praying for you and your daughter. I so know this feeling and I pray for the peace that surpasses all understanding for you, salvation for your daughter and a lot of wisdom for you.Hugs!

  10. Keep focused on the positive here Beckie. She could’ve chose to move to NYC or California. I am just up the road from Kennesaw…its close to Atlanta, but its a very safe area. And it won’t be tough for her to make the drive home, or for you to visit.Just make her promise to try to connect with good people. Many of my employees attend Kennesaw State, and there are alot of good kids that really have their heads on straight. They make me proud (and I’m not even their mom).This area has a lot of young churches with awesome worship and very relevant message…this change might be just what she needs to find her way to Him. She’ll have no problem finding a “cool” church and it will be a great way for Colleen to meet others.These are some of the churches or ministries that my “kids” are connected with:http://www.722.orghttp://www.hishandschurch.orghttp://www.wingsandworship.comhttp://www.northpoint.org/singleshttp://www.visionvortexministries.com/vortex.htmlShe will spread her wings and fly no matter what you do. But if you encourage and support her, she’ll fly in the right direction and not into a brick wall.

  11. She will be alright and she certainly will be prayed up. Regardless she will probably really begin to appreciate all that you and Mike have done for her.

  12. Praying for Colleen. Just know that everything that you instilled in her is still there. Kennesaw is a very safe area, far enough away from Atlanta. I agree with everything Lara said above. Hang in there mom!

  13. Good Morning Beckie,I will be praying for your daughter Colleen and will have my prayer groups, etc also praying.Kennesaw, Ga is where I live! I will have our Joshua’s men group also lifting this before the Lord.Writing for the King,Paul

  14. P.S. Beckie,I agree with Lara, there are a lot of good things going on here in Kennesaw, Atlanta area and I will be praying that the Lord bring people into her life that will draw her to the Lord.It is hard, my oldest is 31 now and the youngest is 22, they all turn out ok, the Lord watched over them, even through they had to walk their own path with Him and it was hard at times to watch the bumps along the way.Again prayers for your daughter, for you and your family,Paul

  15. Kennesaw isn’t far from where I live. I live south of Atlanta and she will be north of Atlanta. I’ll be praying for Colleen for her salvation. Just claim God’s promises and lean on Him for strength.

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