17 comments on “Friday’s Feast #137

  1. Oh Beckie!! Your photo of your tranquil place definitely sold me!!! Where is it? I wanna go!!![ps –BEAUTIFUL, peaceful blog template too]Mine’s served.

  2. I LOVE your main course 🙂 That is awesome!!!!….on a lighter note, I love how you used pics for your feast.. Clever idea!! have an awesome and blessed weekend 🙂

  3. Beautiful, Beckie! Hey, I accepted Jesus just one month before you on Sept. 13th, 1982! Love your feast. Have a BLESSED weekend!!:-) Susan

  4. Yeap our main course is the same. I just feel like I might have been a completely different person without the Lord in my life!! Who knows but i prefer it this way a lot better. Have a great weekend…Sandy

  5. Beckie… have you ever posted about “where” you were in life BEFORE 10-15-82? I’m just curious — and reading Sandy’s comment up above I’m curious about her now too! I’ve never had a time in my life when I didn’t believe Jesus was my savior… so I find this whole topic quite interesting right now… especially in view of the fact that my hubby is a non-believer. If you have it posted, would you give me the link? And if not… would you tell your story? I’d just like to know WHAT HAPPEND that made you come around? And HOW MUCH of a non-believer were you before that day?

  6. I just found your blog from blogger chicks. I love how you use verses throughout your posts! You can check out my blog at godmadeplaydough.blogspot.com if you want! :)Amy

  7. Wonderful posting with scenes of meaning in every photo.In particular – ‘tranquil’ setting.How very true.For we all seek such a setting in our lives.Blessings to you all this Palm Sunday.

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