9 comments on “Perfection ~ HA!

  1. Yes, I agree with Daisy..all looks well..You have changed again!! Must be nice to just change at a whim!! I am still on the road but wanted to see how things were with you. I posted today if you have the time. Sandy

  2. Your journal & screen have helped to brighten the start of the week and helpful tips on Opera. Will give it further consideration.Thank you also for your kind comments.Blessings to you all.Peter from Scotland.

  3. I was wondering about the Opera thing. I’ll have to look at it for school…we use Firefox at school, too. Have a GREAT week!!:-) Susan

  4. Love the new look—very serene!I am really frustrated with both Firefox and Safari so I’m going to try Opera. One thing I have to do sometimes with my photos is just change the size using html—usually I just change it by half so if it’s 480 I’ll put in 240—if that makes sense.

  5. Oooo… pretty! What happend though, to that fabulous new set you LOVED a week or two ago??? You DO like to change a lot! ;)You could always go back and try the latest version of IE and see if that works for ya… it would let you resize AND have the Bible Gateway toolbar. *shrug* I use Firefox, but I haven’t had ANY of the issues you’ve had with it. *crossing fingers too!*

  6. Hi! I’m going back through my “50” list – it’s way overdue…I was thrilled to find Firefox but it’s pulling nonesense with me, too! Drives me nuts.Good luck,

  7. Wonder why still have problems with Firefox. Sorry to hear that. Unless you have up-graded to Windows Vista, which both of my guys took back off their systems (I only get up-graded when they are happy – hehe)…Anyway, with the free version of WP you can’t use any Java-Scripts. They believe it has security holes, that is why Java is not allowed…Blessings to you and yours.

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