8 comments on “That Day!

  1. Beckie, Sounds like your week-end was non stop!! Do you have no power and only a woodstove for heat ?? I can’t complain with our temperature at 70 today.; sunny and breezy!!I have a question? When I visit other blogs, I do not see my name listed under the 50 blogger site. Do I need to do something ? Thanks, hope everyone at your house are doing better today. Barb

  2. I had a THAT DAY yesterday as well! With a sick son, sick husband, a stray dog that completely corrupted my dog and taught him how to escape, my day was FULL!I’m so glad you all survived your crazy day! Hope you can find some rest and relaxation today. :)I tagged you just in case you were too relaxed!

  3. I am glad that your hubby, Ashlynn and your dog are fine…Compare to your weekend, mine was very relaxing…I read, wrote, and cleaned the bathroom.As I am typing this – I am already thinking of the week ahead of me…*sigh*…Your questions are a little harder this week–not sure if I can come up with different ones. So here I go:Soldier – WarriorLipton – Ice-cubesReason – ThoughtTerms: Net 30Positive – JoyExample – ChristLegacy – MemoriesSolo – SadnessInstrument – GuitarLater – TonightBlessings on your evening and always…

  4. Ooooo… sounds like your day was a little TOO eventful… I hate days like that – I’m always thankful to see them end! Ashlynn is SO lucky! So now my mutterins…soldier – bravelipton – what ELSE? Tea!reason – excuseterms – of endearmentpositive – attitudeexample – idealegacy – historysolo – oneinstrument – toollater – maybeLOL! I don’t usually do these – but that was fun! But really – what ELSE could you POSSIBLY put for LIPTON???

  5. Compared to your weekend? I’d say mine was boring. Thank goodness she didn’t get more seriously burned when she fell into the wood stove. It’s so scary how quickly something like that can happen.I’ve figured out the reason I’m just chronically exhausted is I’m so afraid of something like that happening with Cameron, I literally never take my eye off him all day long. The only break I get is when I put him in the high chair or when he takes his nap. No wonder he’s wearing me out.Your poor husband – Saturday just wasn’t his day, was it?

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