3 comments on “Unconscious Mutterings

  1. Ah – you changed your blog theme…Okay – here is goes:Threshold: RuthJason: PrisleySuspicion: CrimeTender: LoveTempted: SinCrimson: RedRepulsive: TrashBulldog: StrongGarage: ToolsRacket: FunBlessings on your Monday and always…

  2. Now that is a different meme…Here goes for me:Threshold: doorJason: Horror movieSuspicion: ???Tender: steakTempted: sinCrimson: tideRepulsive: uglyBulldog: GeorgiaGarage: messRacket: noisyYou did change your blog. I loved the red one so much!! But I know how you need to change. I like mine. Thanks so much for all your help. I love knowing that there are those that will help me out!! Have a great day..Sandy

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