8 comments on “Let me introduce…

  1. She’s beautiful!!I had to laugh because one day (about a year ago) one of my boys made me tally up just how much I’d mentioned the four of them on my blog! Have a GREAT day…and a HAPPY VALENTINE’S WEEK!!

  2. She’s beautiful, Beckie. And yes, we moms have to be careful – I’m constantly wondering if I post more of one daughter than the other. The safest thing for me to do is stick to Cameron. LOL Of course, someday when I have more than one grandchild, I’ll have to start watching it again.I swear, you find the coolest things to do on your blog. When I come over here, my cursor turns into an “I Love Jesus” icon with a little red heart. Where on earth do you find these things!

  3. Awwwww… she’s a pretty little thing! My kids don’t pay ANY attention to IF or how much I mention them! (if they did I’d be in trouble… one gets mentioned a LOT more than the others… ooops!)

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