5 comments on “Notes

  1. WOW! You are really gearin’ up for Valentine’s Day! LOL! I’m not really TOO excited about it — I have to work that night, and thus will not even SEE my hubby that day! *shrug*

  2. You are right, Valentine’s Day should be not only one day of the year :)….Thank you for the linkage to my post today :)…Just got kind of long though – not my style usually, but I guess I had much to share *grin*…I have been using the Bible toolbar for a while. It helps me when posting posts with Scripture text – that way, I can just copy and paste into my post – very handy…I wasn’t surprised of your ‘test’ result either. The picture: is that your granddaughter and your daughter – too cute…Blessings on your afternoon and always…

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