4 comments on “Stuff

  1. According to that test, I have an “inland north” accent, like Wisconsin, which is strange because I’m from southeast Texas. Guess I’ve been away from Texas too long. :-)Thanks for helping get the word out about Kelli. This is reaching crisis stage – I know we can all make a huge difference for her. I’m just amazed what we can all do when we pull together.

  2. I will head on over to Barb after I am reading your posts…I hope that Rachel will be okay over the long ran :)…Wow – already back to school. I am thrilled that you are having so much joy with your granddaughter.Very cool that you have found a morning Bible study. I will lift you up in prayer regarding your friend.The accent – well, I am a North Inlander – kind of funny, since I am German – lol.

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