6 comments on “This Just Takes the Cake!

  1. They are probably like my family….as long as they don’t have to cook it they don’t care. I do think it’s a delicious secret that I would get a chuckle out of every time I made it though!

  2. LOL – that is just too funny. Yes, I have left out key ingredients before – but I told my guys that I forgot to ad certain stuff…BUT if your family doesn’t know it and it truly tastes good to them – just leave it as is, but would mention that you missed some ingredients for the past 15 years…

  3. ROFL! Well… I’ve done it ONE time with a recipe or two — but I’ve never done it over and over and over again! I’ve forgotten to put the oil in a cake — or forgot to add eggs to the macaroni and cheese … something like that. But only once per recipe I think! LOL! That IS funny Beckie!!!

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