7 comments on “Blog Buddies!

  1. Beckie: We are finally home! We had the BEST time!! I was so very happy to finally get to meet you. Thanks so much for taking us around and showing me new things that I had never seen before. That was a great day and I will not forget it at all soon. We had a great time!! Things are best seen with someone that knows all about where they are and the background!! You are excellent!! I am not feeling well at all. My cold just got worse and worse I am afraid. I just need to go lay down I guess. Please keep in touch. Did you see my blog? Like it? Sandy

  2. That it totaly awesome and a blessing when you get together with blogging friends.Since being here in Kennesaw, Georgia I have been able to get together with a number of friends that I have know for over six plus years online and by phone.You all looked like you where having a blast.Blessings,Writing for the King,Paul

  3. Oh, it WAS fun wasn’t it? I’ve put up MORE of my weekend stuff today! I’m sure you’ve “heard” all about our Saturday — but the proof is in the pudding, as they say! And I think I just spilled pudding allllllll over my blog! ROFL!!! It was sooooooo good to meet you Beckie! And I DO hope we get to do it again – soon!

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