12 comments on “Friday’s Feast #105

  1. I hope it’s just the heat that has you blue or just one of those “down in the dumps” times. I just took a moment to pray for you that God would shelter you in His arms and comfort you!Rob of UnSpace

  2. LOL — Your salad is quite tasty. My mom used the very same recipe!! (she used the word thingy all the time)Happy Friday.Thanks for dining with me and my feast.

  3. Your salad is scrumptous and served here quite often usually in relation to the TiVo. “Where’s the TiVo thingy? You know the thing with the buttons.” Great feast. Cheers.

  4. I liked your feast! I have a hard time remembering names and things too. Once, at dinner, I asked my husband to pass the “orange things” (cooked carrots). LOL!Blessings…

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