7 comments on “Bloghopping! What fun.

  1. Yes, I love blog-hopping so that is what I’m doing right now- and how I found you! :)Actually I think I had stopped by when I first started blogging about six weeks ago…a lot of times I just forgot to bookmark sites.It’s nice to visit you…I have two daughters also and when my husband was in the Navy, we use to live in Virginia…Drop by anytime!Blessings,~Tammy

  2. I do a lot of blog hopping, but haven’t lately. It is a great way to visit new blogs and find some treasures out in the blogsphere.And Sallie at A Gracious Home is a great blog to find links to other Christian bloggers.

  3. Hey girlfriend…thanks for the shout out. Busy times this week and next. The container for Sudan is going slowly due to the heat and lack of volunteers. We are expecting a youth group tonight so hope to get it almost done. Miss ya!

  4. This summer has been a bit insane, so I haven’t been on the blogs much lately. But coming to visit yours is like a breath of fresh air to me!I don’t have the strongest Christian walk right now, but am finding support from other Christian bloggers and inspiration from sites like yours. The verse at the top of your sidebar this morning (James 1:22) was a nice wake up for me today. Thank you for sharing your faith ALL OVER your blog. 😉

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