7 comments on “It’s Monday…time for a memory!

  1. Flying scares me to death! I will because of the fastness of getting where you are going! But it scares me! Very nice memory. I have only been to the Underground once and loved it! Thanks for sharing and visiting my place. Hope you have a happy Monday!

  2. Nice memory. I have flown a lot now since we have moved here to the South East and my family is all over the place it is a necessity. I don’t mind it much now. I have learned about waiting in the airports. It is a great time to read a good book or get to know a new person. Have a great day Beckie…My Monday Memory is up too…

  3. If someone would give me the chance to fly for free……I go at the drop of a hat.Sweet, sweet memory.I am not part of the blogroll for M M’s but I did one today of memories of songs — hope you come and join me, making a ‘list’.

  4. I first time I remember flying was from Germany to England. The first time was the best time, because I didn’t know what to expect. The most beautiful thing though flying is when you ‘break through’ the clouds and all you see are ‘puffy’ clouds below and the sun – just beautiful. I don’t care too much for flying anymore, because when I board a plane these days, it means 15+ hours to Germany *sigh*…Thanks for sharing your memory.

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