10 comments on “Monday Memories

  1. I like to beleive that we could go back to those good old days and still have our blogging! Love the story of the Model A and cooking with your Grandmother! Thanks for the sharing of your memories and thanks for visiting mine today!

  2. The time with your Grandmother & cousin sounded like a lovely time. Makes me think of all the trips we’d take to see my Grandparents in Iowa & all the neat stuff we would do. 🙂

  3. Memories of our grandparents are so special…lovely monday memory of yours! thanks for your visit, I have posted a couple of pics…

  4. Ive never heard of this before, what a great great idea! I will have to participate next Monday! Thanks for sharing your memory with us, you are very blessed to have known her and it sounds like she was a great woman!Heather

  5. Grandmother memories..soon you will get to do that too. That is why we moved here to Ga to be good grandparents so that someday we will be memories for our two youngest grandchildren. Memories are what we are I think!! Once we become grandmothers that is what we have to do…be memories so that our grandchildren will have something to look back and say YES that is what my grandmother and I did together!!! There will be something even better then than blogging or scrapbooking.Wonder what it will be? Hmm!!

  6. I still remember my grandmother so well too…Gammee was what I called her. I’m 43 and she’s been gone since I was 20…and I still miss her incredibly.Blessings…~Tammy

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