5 comments on “You ate what?????

  1. Yummy – I haven’t had shark steaks in a while. They are great. But you know what is even better? The filet of a shark – smoked – yummy – I tell you…

  2. Hmmm…never had shark steaks, but now I won’t be afraid to try them sometime! I just joined the family friendly blogroll, and I’m trying to visit everyone! Like your site!

  3. Shark is really good. I live in Charleston, SC too! Hey kudos to you for venturing out and trying it! ;o)Your new look is great – Susie designed mine too!

  4. I have eaten tons of shark in the past and love it. Some restaurants actually use shark and call it scallops!!Welcome to Monday Memories I have added you to the blogroll!Take care and have a great day!

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