4 comments on “Thankful Thursday

  1. Hehe – yeah computers are the best. We actually still have a type-writer in the office due to some forms we have to fill out. Ewwww – carbon paper. Believe it or not, I even remember that. Great Thankful Post Beckie :)My Thankful Thursday post is up as well – but you knew that *grins*

  2. When I was in high school I learned on a regular electric typewriter. Learned shorthand too. I worked for a few years in a law office, and have not worked outside the home now for almost 18 years. I love the computer, but yes, there are times, even with our home businesses, I wish I had a good old electric one! I am thankful for the computer – esp. e-mail. Thanks for sharing this!You can read My Thankful Thursday Post

  3. Isn’t technology such a blessing? Back a few decades, i would never even imagined just how a computer could be any better than a typewriter! Gosh, looking back — i definitely don’t miss the broken fingernails, the callouses (my fingers used to fall right in between the keys –ouch!), the carbon paper mess, the liquid erasers…. yes, thank god for the computer!Great thankful, Beckie! Have a nice weekend. god bless…:-)

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